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OCT. 8, 2OO5


                  "IN LOVING MEMORY"

             PAMELA  BENSON  BLAND








This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Pamela Bland who was born in North Carolina on June 12, 1970 and passed away on October 08, 2005 at the age of 35. We will remember her forever

Our beautiful angel                                                                            




...You will never be


And I believe...
...That angels breathe
..And that Love will Live
on and never leave... 



My mother was the prettiest woman i ever saw, with those blue eyes that would pierce right through you. I was mama's first born and the apple of her eye until my little brother, aaron came along. My mama devoted her whole life to us and wanted our lives to be happy ones. Our world was turned upside down on  Dec. 23, 2003 when mama was involved in a head-on
collison that almost took her life. She was airlifted to Duke hospital in N.C. and the doctors worked miracles to save her life with God's help. You see, my mama was not ready to go to heaven, yet. She still had work to do here. The doctors performed numerous surgeries on her left arm, hip, leg and foot and on her beautiful face. Her stay in the hospital was about a month and with the help of a therapist and her family she was able to walk again, but with a limp. We were so thankful to have her home again with us even though we knew she would never look the same, But to us she would always be so beautiful. My mama started attending church with grandma gladys and later accepted the lord as her saviour and was baptized. This was such a blessing to us. On Oct.8, 2005 my mother passed away in her sleep. I know she is in heaven now with jesus and grandaddy carl, uncle gary, our little cousin lucas and all our loved ones that have gone on before.  My family and i will forever remember the love and the sweet memories we had with  my mama.  She will always be in our hearts. I love you, mama and miss you so much.

Your Daughter,   
Jessica Reigh                                   




We go through life so often

not stopping to enjoy the day

And we take each one for granted,

as we travel on our way

 For in your pain and sorrow,

an angel's kiss will help you through.

This kiss is very private,

for it is meant for only you.

 We never stop to measure,

anything we just might miss.

 But, if the wind should blow by softly,

you'll feel an angel's kiss.

 A kiss that is sent from heaven,

a kiss that is very special,

from someone that you love.

 So when your hearts are heavy,

and no one can console you,

remember once again....

 About the ones you grieve for,

because you sadly miss,

And the gentle breeze you took for granted,

was just an angel's kiss.  

                                        by Peggy Bouse

"We found this poem in some of Pam's belongings" 








                       The Happy Bunny!!!!!


         "ANGEL WATCHING OVER US"     


Some say there are holes

in the floor of heaven.
Our loved ones who have

passed send us tears of joy to
let us know we are in their thoughts.

              FORGOTTEN? ---- NEVER!

        Friends may think we have forgotten,
          when at times they see us smile.
        Little do they know the heartaches

          that our smiles hide all the while. 
         Beautiful memories are wonderful things,
          that last till the longest day.
        They never wear out, they never get lost
          and can never be given away.
        To some you may be forgotten, to others
          a part of the past.
         But to those who loved and lost you,
           your memory will always last.

           -author unknown-

    Life is changed....but never ended. 

"In Loving Memory of our beloved Pamela"

Oct.8, 2005


  ~ spread your wings and fly~




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Tributes and Condolences
Jessica's wedding   / Mike Benson (brother)
As you know Jessica and Casey 's wedding was this weekend and I'm sure your presence was felt by everyone.She was such a beautiful bride and I know you're very proud of her as we all are. I know you will watch over them with all your love.We all miss...  Continue >>
Merry Christmas   / Kayla Benson (Niece)
Merry Christmas Aunt Pam Love, Kayla♥
Mother's Day   / Sharon (mama)
 Happy Mother's Day sweetie. This holiday is always very difficult for me because you're not here. Even though it has been a few years now since you left us it is still so very hard to live without you in our lives. I still have the mem...  Continue >>
Remembering you today!!   / Jessica (Daughter)
Mama. you don't even know how much your missed! There's not a day that goes by that i don't think about you! I wish that you were still here with us! There is so much i've wanted to talk to you about(things that were just between you and me)! You wer...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday!!!   / TallyJackson Mommy To Angel Lucas (cousin)
I had a dream about you last night. I dreamed that you were at your car at a party your mom was having (maybe a birthday party). I grabbed Everett and said,"I've got to take Everett to see Pam. They've never met." I knew you would love hi...  Continue >>
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Her legacy

Pam was a very special person who loved life and the people around her. Her love for children was exceptional in the way that she gave of her heart and soul.

Pam had a talent and a passion for decorating and design.  In her early years, she managed a clothing store and displayed that talent in her style of fashion and color.

Her home was filled with all the things that she loved and was dear to her heart. 
Pam's children, Jessica and Aaron were the center of her world, but she tried to teach them that the love of the Lord was to be very important in their everyday lives.  We will always cherish the fond memories of our sweet Pam.

Her legacy will live on in her precious children and the love that was shown by her.

YOU, PAM!!!!

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